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Drifters’ Diving Club in Taiwan Kenting

Sammi – the Founder of Drifters’ Diving Club is a Professional Certified Female Scuba Diving Instructor, who has clocked an amazing 7 years’ recreational diving experience since 2012, both abroad and locally. Moreover she possesses 2 systems of Scuba Diving Instructor Certifications which are PADI: Professional Association of Diving Instructors and Scuba Schools International (SSI).

Having worked in Maldives for 4 years between 2012 – 2018 and then serving a temporary stint in Semporna Malaysia during 2018, Sammi is an extremely experienced diving instructor when managing her diving courses for international learners.

She has also worked diligently all over Taiwan, diving and teaching in the waters around the peninsular and surrounding islands over the years. So much so that she knows the underwater seascapes in Taiwan like the back of her hand and can spot virtually every marine life underwater. If you’re a huge fan of underwater photography, you will be amazed by the macro life she can find.

With numerous years of deep experiences teaching abroad, Sammi has imparted her dive knowledge and diving skills to at least 250 students from different countries using English or Mandarin as the main course language. She understands the different culture of people from different countries, thus she is able to provide flexibility and customization for all her diving courses. 

She further believes it is important for her students to obtain the necessary skills and experience required to become truly comfortable underwater. So if you are considering learning diving in Taiwan, the Drifters’ Diving Club is surely the right place for you.

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Drifters’ Environment for a Taiwan Diving Experience

Drifting is an art. At Drifters’ Diving Club, we offer diving activities in Taiwan for anyone who is above the age of 8 and it doesn’t matter whether this is your first time scuba diving, trust us, you are in good hands 🙂

Here we conduct Private Diving Sessions and Small Group Diving Programs that include scuba diving equipment rental, professional experienced expert guidance, accommodation with bunk beds in a private house, and an outdoor living room with big communal space where one can get really close to the natural environment (away from the city hustle).

At Drifters’ Diving Club, we take safety very seriously. Do expect precise dive record keeping protocols and a firm adherence to safety rules. Our equipment is also brand new and checked frequently. We also provide professional equipment and gears including oxygen tanks, wetsuits, fins and even dive computer. Our instructors are familiar with the surrounding waters and the dive conditions where the courses take place, always ensuring that conditions are optimum before any dive takes place.

Not just safety, caring for the environment and being socially responsible to protect the marine life in the vast ocean is also part of the Drifters’ Diving Club agenda. We spread positive messages regarding environment conservation and encourage everyone to reduce usage of manmade materials like plastic and also to reduce consumption of exotic seafood.









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At Drifters’ Diving Club, we are like a family. Students turn into friends and family. When we are not blowing bubbles underwater, we will chill, drink, eat and be merry.

Learn to Scuba Dive in Taiwan

Scuba diving is perhaps the most marvellous thing indeed. Furthermore, Taiwan is certainly one of the cheapest places for you to learn scuba diving. For details of our diving courses in Taiwan, just click here.

If you are still uncertain whether you wish to obtain a full Scuba Diving Certification, you may want to experience what diving under water is like under the watchful eyes of our local divers. We recommend that you try out our Try Scuba Diving (aka Discover Scuba Diving) Half-Day Program. Our experienced instructor will bring you on a memorable journey safely under the waters near the coast where you can get a first-hand experience beneath the waves, swimming with underwater critters and among coral reefs safely. The Discover Scuba Diving Half-Day Program generally cost TWD 2500, check out more details here.

If you have tried Discovery Scuba Diving and fell in love with diving ☺, our three-day recreational Open Water Beginner Scuba Diving Course is definitely the one for you. To begin your amazing journey deep down into the underwater world, the Open Water Beginner Scuba Diving Course is your golden ticket. The Open Water Beginner course fee is currently priced at TWD13600. Check out the details of the Open Water Beginner Diving Course here.

For those with Open Water certification, your diving adventures can be made more exciting with our SSI Advanced Open Water Scuba Diving Course. You can experience more advanced training and undertake 4 of diving specialties that are of interest to you. Specialties to choose from include Deep Diving, Enriched Air Nitrox, Navigation, Night and Limited Visibility, Perfect Buoyance and Wreck Diving. Each of these specialties provides you further knowledge and skillset so that you are able to dive deeper and to explore more of our deep beautiful ocean. 

The SSI Advanced Open Water Scuba Diving Course is priced at TWD20,000 (including 4 specialities license). Check out the details of our SSI Speciality Diving Course here.

Diving in Taiwan Kenting

The Drifters Diving Club is situated at Southern Taiwan, Kenting, Pingtung County. We are close to the sea, yet not far from the delightful main attractions in town. Easily reachable by public transport from Taipei, it’s easy to get to Kenting. Otherwise transportation can be arranged with us in advance.

Kenting National Park, Taiwan is the most popular seaside resort in Taiwan for local and foreign tourists since it offers golden sandy beaches with blue waters, stalactite caves exploration and also impressive mountain hiking trails.

In Kenting, there are not only marvellous scenic sights, but also many historical relics in town due to the rich heritage of Kenting.

Well, being a town surrounded by the beautiful pristine Bashi Channel between the South China Sea and Philippines Sea, water sports are a must-do when you visit Kenting. Water activities such as banana boat, para-sailing, jetski, surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing, kayaking, paddle boat and standup paddleboarding are offered by the operators at the many beaches of Kenting.

Of course the coolest and most amazing experience in Kenting would definitely be underwater where you will be charmed by magnificent sea creatures such as the sea turtles, clown fish, nudibranch, angel fish, butterfly fish, snapper, grouper, parrotfish, bumphead parrot fish, scorpion fish, stone fish, coral reefs and many more in their natural habitat. And the easiest way to experience the rich marine biodiversity underwater would be by diving into the warm sea waters. Be awed by the abundance of marine life just several feet into the ocean.

Therefore Kenting is definitely the best place for you to achieve your life long open water certification or any other advanced scuba diving training.

Best Diving Spot in Taiwan Kenting

Kenting has more than 20 diving spots to explore each with their own different and incredible biodiversity. Local favourite diving spots include Water Outlet (出水口), Independent Reef (獨立礁), Coral Garden (軟珊瑚區), Hejie (合界) and Blue Cave (藍洞).

There are all kinds of interesting seascapes such as underwater rock formations, sea cliffs, shallow ravines and marine habitats that offer completely spectacular views different from what you see on land.

The diving spots in Kenting are suitable for anyone from beginners to amateur to experienced divers. Here at Kenting, rest assured that you are in a safe and relaxed stress-free environment where you can enjoy the opportunity to learn more about diving and also to see the beautiful reefs surrounding Kenting.

Occasionally if you are lucky a school of bumphead parrot fish will grace you during your dive. Watch these gregarious fish occasionally bumping head on into the coral reefs, breaking them into small pieces for easy consumption.

Best Time to Dive in Taiwan Kenting

The average temperature in Kenting is about 30 degree celsius and it’s a tropical weather every day, rain or shine. Therefore Kenting is an excellent attraction to visit all year round. Furthermore every year from March to October, divers from all over will visit the amazing underwater world off Kenting as diving choices are immense! Typhoon season runs from July to September though, just be sure to check the advisory warning.

The wide diversity of marine life around Kenting is generally present all year round however some sea creatures are available during specific seasons only. Kenting boasts over 1,100 fish species and over 80 soft and stony corals stretching over 15,000 hectares of ocean floor. Not only can you learn diving in Taiwan, you can also take in the wonderful marine life deep underwater here.

Enjoy our 2 hours Try Scuba Diving Outing Experience or an intense 3 days 2 nights Scuba Diving Learning Course now!

Otherwise if you have any doubt/ enquiry regarding diving, feel free to contact us here.

Prices are correct as at May 2019.

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