Open Water Diver

The Open Water Diver Course is the basic program of all scuba diving courses if you want to dive anywhere in the world and unlock the marvels of the deep sea. In this program you will learn all the basic scuba diving skills and information required to enter the mysterious ocean under the waves. As a beginner, diving certification starts here. There’s no better place to get a lifetime certified open water diving license in this 3 days course.

Price : NTD 14,000

Duration of course : 3 Days
(Including Confined Water Dives, Open Water Dives, Theory of Knowledge and Examination)

Maximum Depth:

  • Open Water Lesson 1、2 – 12 metres under water
  • Open Water lesson 3、4 – 18 metres under water

Open Water Diver Course Package includes:

1. 3 nights’ accommodation on a single bunk bed

2. Full Scuba diving equipment rental (mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit & boots, BCD, regulator & dive computer)

3. Transportation to & fro between town center <-> diving club & diving club <-> dive site.

4. License Application Fees

5. English-speaking Instructor Fee.

7. Total of 5 dives including pool (confined water) diving training and open water diving sessions

Note: There is strictly no refund after registration for any of the SSI Diving program(s).

What is the content of Open Water diver training?

 1. Theory Component

Complete reading the study material from the SSI App or website before commencing Practical Component (Download the FREE DiveSSI App – iOS or Android). Your friendly dive instructor will check your progress and make sure that you understand the important scuba diving information before and throughout the course. You also have to pass a written MCQ examination on your understanding of basic principles of scuba diving in order to complete the course.

 2. Practical Component

1st Day of Open Water Diving Course

9:00 -17:00 Confined Water Diving training in the pool and learn all the basic scuba diving skills as follows.

Confined water portion

1. Snorkelling skills
2. Introduction of Scuba Diving Equipment
3. Assemble/Disassemble of Scuba Diving Equipment
4. Diving Buddy System
5. Enter/Exit the water with full diving equipment
6. Breathing Underwater
7. Mask Cleaning
8. Regulator Cleaning
9. Handle Alternate Air Source Sharing (Buddy Breathing)
10. Regulator Recovery
11. Breathing with a Free Flowing Regulator
12. Removal/Recovery of low pressure hose to inflator
13. Air Depletion
14. Mask Removing/Recovering
15. Fin Pivot with Inflator/Orally
16. Perform Neutral Buoyancy
17. Removal/Recovery of diving equipment underwater
18. Removal/Recovery of diving equipment on the surface
19. Removal/Recovery of weight underwater
20. Removal/Recovery of weight on the surface
21. Using Fins
22. No Mask Swim
23. Giant Stride Entry
24. Backward Roll Entry
25. Tired Diver Towing
26. Cramp Removing
27. Emergency Weight Removing Ascent
28. Using compass on the surface/underwater
39. Pack Diving Equipment

2nd Day of Open Water Diving Course
08:30 – 13:00 Open Water Sessions 1 & 2
Removal of mask in the open water
1. Enter/Exit the Sea
2. Controlled Descent
3. Mask Cleaning
4. Regulator Cleaning
5. Alternate Air Source Sharing Ascent
6. Fin Pivot
7. Neutral Buoyancy
8. Using Fins
9. Equipment Cleaning

16:00 -17:00 Written Theory Examination (MCQ)

3rd Day of Open Water Diving Course
08:00 -13:00 Open Water Sessions 3 & 4

Enjoying plenty of fun swimming close to the seabed.

1. Mask Removal/Recovering
2. CESA (Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent) Vertically
3. No Mask Swim
4. Neutral Buoyancy
5. Using Fins
6. Deployment of SMB (Surface Marker Buoys)

You will receive your Open Water Diver License immediately once you complete and pass all the above requirements. So what are you waiting for, begin your ultimate dive experience now!
Open Water License

Note: The duration of the program might be extended depending on the learning progress of the participant, and there might be extra charges for equipment rental if the course is extended.

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