Try Scuba Diving


Price: NTD 2,500

Here is the easiest way to experience the stunning underwater world of scuba diving. First time diving, fret not! Feel safe as our experienced diving instructors bring you on an incredible journey beneath the waves. ‘Cause we know that after this experience, you will want to dive over and over again.

This tour is for beginners so no experience is required!

Duration of Activity: 2 hours 

(Including briefing, training, transport to & fro the dive site – time spent underwater is typically around 30 to 40 minutes depending on personal air consumption)

Maximum Depth: 12 metres under water

Try Scuba Diving Package includes:

1. Private Certified Diving Instructor

2. Pick up & Drop off between Hotel and Diving Center

3. Diving Equipment Rental

4. Free photos and video clips

5. Guaranteed to see Marine Life and Fish

Note: Once the participant signs up for the activity, there will be strictly no refund except during uncontrolled natural circumstances, e.g. imminent thunderstorm prior to dive.

What is the program of Try Scuba Diving?

  1. Register and fill out the standard Liability Form, Medical Declaration Check, Privacy Form and Statement of Understanding
  2. Receive a fascinating Marine Life Briefing
  3. Get introduced to Diving Equipment as you learn about Fundamental Diving Skills.
  4. Get ready and comfortable for the tour.
  5. Practice Basic Diving Skills in shallow water.
  6. Enjoy the breathtaking marine life deeper under water.

To try scuba diving you don’t have to be a good swimmer or a certified diver. This program is best suited for those who don’t have an idea about what’s happening in the ocean and will like to explore beneath the sea or is interested in preparation for a certification commitment.

Scuba diving is a safe activity but there are some requirements to be met by our participants:

1. No pre-existing health condition(s) involving your blood, heart, lungs, ears and paranasal sinuses.

2. No surgery done within the past 12 months.

3. Not taking any prescribed medication.

4. Pregnant women are not allowed to undertake diving.

5. Not under the influence of alcohol or any drug before diving.

6. Above 10 years of age.

What do you have to bring for Try Scuba Diving?

  1. A curious mind
  2. Passion
  3. A heart with Love for ocean
  4. Confidence of yourself
  5. Respect of nature
  6. Swimming suit
  7. Of course……what else is Money 😘

We always have professional diving instructors who will take care of the participants providing a 2:1 student to instructor ratio.

What can usually be seen in the marvellous waters of Kenting, Taiwan while trying scuba diving?

Friendly instructor with our participant
Lucky to spot a Giant Trevally
A school of Snappers
Clown Fishes hiding among the Anemones
A Battery of Barracuda
Shy Puffer Fish
Curious Butterfly fish

To get your first experience with Drifters’ Diving Club,  please don’t hesitate to contact us here .

We are looking forward to hearing from you and to provide you an unforgettable memory here in Taiwan!

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