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Are you interested in knowing what creatures we have in the water in Kenting, Taiwan

Do you know what’s diving instructor’s life when they don’t have guest to do diving?
The answer is “We still go diving everyday.”

Instead of seeing diving as a job, it’s a part of life.

When we are feeling happy, we go diving.
When we are depressed, we go diving.
When we are tired, we go diving.
When we are full of energy, we go diving.

Ocean is a magic medicine, it’s a kind of treatment for us to be calm and peace.

You will see how amazing life in the water in the following video.

Little Creature in Kenting

Thecacera Pacifica (sea slug)

皮卡丘 海蛞蝓 sea slug Thecacera pacifica dive in Taiwan dive in kenting

The ocean around Taiwan, there is a variety of marine life surprisingly that you can see.

This sea slug in Taiwan we name it “Pikachu” because of it shape of body.
Especially one of these species which the color is almost same like Pikachu.
It’s often to see in the south-west coast of Taiwan.

This creature stay in deeper water around 27-30 meter. You should keep watching out your no decompression time and air consumption.

It’s comfortable to dive in south-west coast of Taiwan in winter due to the wind direction and less waves.

Not only sea slug, here it’s able to see green turtles, moray eels, big sea fans, and you might see manta ray or whale shark through if your are super lucky.

If you are looking for nice dive sites in Asia, Taiwan will be one of the list in your pocket for sure.

Welcome to Taiwan , Vito.

Vito, from Canada, he is a experienced diver who love to see multiple  marine life at everywhere.

This is his second time visit Taiwan but first time in Kenting.As a ocean lover of course he has to do diving whenever he get chance to do.

Vito just contacted us one day before to make the reservation. Luckily we choose right day to make 2 boat diving with no current and no wave.

It’s winter now here, but still we have 25 degree water and sunny day always, that’s why we named here another name ” Hengchun”, in Chinese it’s meaning the weather is always like spring season.

Just spend some time to watch our Video to know what we did we see underwater.

At same time we saw lots of sea slug which Vito haven’t never seen before.

boat diving nudibranch sea slug moray eel scorpionfish

boat diving nudibranch sea slug moray eel scorpionfish

boat diving nudibranch sea slug moray eel scorpionfish pygmy sea horse

Come on, Join us to see in person.

Let’s get clean our lovely Earth

It was a family trip, but we did a super meaningful activity while we were enjoyed on the lovely beach with a sunny day.

Actually it was sad to see there are a  lot of garbage , plastic bottles, plastic bags, styrofoam and wastes on the beach or drift with wave.

What a beautiful view!  How can we tolerate it destroyed by the behavior of human being?

clean ocean love sea dongbeijioa

clean ocean love sea dongbeijioa

It’s happy to invite all of my family to collect all the garbage as much as we can.

Even though my niece is just 5 years old, she tried her best to clean the beach with us.

I think that is the best action of education for kids to aware of the importance of protecting our earth from childhood.

Stop using disposable materials.

Reduce the use of plastic supplies.

Don’t leave anything what you bring to the beach.

Make it happen, love our ocean, our earth.

clean ocean love sea dongbeijioa


Drifters’ divers reunion

10th Oct. is Taiwan’s National Day.
We got 4 days long holiday this year.
What  were we gonna do during vocation? 💪💪💪

We went diving during the day,

dive in kenting, houbihu, fun dive, discover scuba diving, dive in Shanghai
Dive at feed are to see Pavona Cactus Coral

dive in kenting, houbihu, fun dive, discover scuba diving, dive in Shanghai

dive in kenting, houbihu, fun dive, discover scuba diving, dive in Shanghai
Dive at Hojie to see turtles, Sea fans, nudibranch.

dive in kenting, houbihu, fun dive, discover scuba diving, dive in Shanghai dive in kenting, houbihu, fun dive, discover scuba diving, dive in Shanghai dive in kenting, houbihu, fun dive, discover scuba diving, dive in Shanghai

dive in kenting, houbihu, fun dive, discover scuba diving, dive in Shanghai

dive in kenting, houbihu, fun dive, discover scuba diving, dive in Shanghai dive in kenting, houbihu, fun dive, discover scuba diving, dive in Shanghai

Chill in the night, everyone has different experiences about diving and they were sharing  their underwater adventures to each other.

diving in kenting divers are in drifters diving club

The reason we love diving is not only we love the sea but also we like to tell people how to protect our ocean instead of just have fun in the ocean.

No matter you are diver or not, the ocean life is the most important life chain in the earth,
we should be aware of the everything should be balanced to save and consume.

love sea
love sea

Love ocean, love earth, love our life.

A France family dove with Drifters!

One day,  I got a message by LINE APP and it was from a guy “Virgile”,
he and his son are certified divers and he was looking for a diving center for doing 2 dives with his son.

They are from France.

I asked him how did he find me, he said from ”Google Map“

Yes, you can find Drifters from Google Map to see the detail about Drifters.
That’s really cool.

Actually Drifters Diving Club is not a big diving center, it’s a personal studio.

I’m doing private dive trip, I don’t do over booking.
Small group will keep the quality well and have more fun together underwater.

I explained this to Virgile as well.

We did two dives in the morning, and Virgile’s wife and daughter did snorkeling at same place where we dove.

I’m happy to see this family had a great time to enjoy in the ocean.


There are many small creatures offshore Taiwan, like Nudibranch(sea slug), Anemone Shrimp, mantis shrimp , etc.

Thank you for giving me the chance to bring you to the sea.
Hope to see you guys again somewhere someday.

drifters diving

You will Love it. Let’s go diving.

Joe & Mark

A young girl and a young boy.
They have very strong friendship which I can see it while we were doing diving course.
I’m sure they will be very good diving buddies.

The 1st day we did confined water in the swimming pool.

They were very different character people.

Joe, is a very lively girl, can’t stop taking, but this is the reason she is so cute.
She is very kind, nice, patient to everyone, everything.

Mark is very quiet. Even you couldn’t see he is scared underwater.
Sometimes he repeat what I was describing about diving skills to them.

I got crazy during 1st open water dive.
They were out of control. They didn’t know what skill I was demonstrating to them even I just briefed to them before entering water.

We were not connecting underwater.😭😭😭

After 30 minutes we came back to shore.

“What happened to you guys?”, I said,
“We don’t know what we have to do”, they said.
“I told you guys have to practice neutral buoyancy skill for the first dive.” I said.
“oh!!” they answered.

I knew that is a common response from beginners at first dive.

We took 40 minutes for surface interval, and I was explaining some other skills what we have to do for second dive. I reminded them to pay attention underwater.

It was surprising, they did every skill correctly at next 3 dives with good neutral buoyancy.
Even though Mark was afraid of water at beginning, but he complete all training with proper body posture underwater.

Remove mask in the open water

We were happy about they were confident about themselves while diving.

They told me, they got tips to stay stable in the water, especially when they saw so many fished surrounding them.

To be a certified diver, you must be controlled by yourself in the water.

Joe and Mark they made it.

Congratulations ! Let’s plan for our next journey in the sea!!!!!!


What is Neutral Buoyancy under the sea?

How we can do the same as fishes can stay at the level in the sea wherever they want?

To obtain perfect buoyancy in the sea you require not just good Scuba Diving Gears but also the ability to control your breathing while diving.

Our lungs are like balloons while in the water, so there will be positive buoyancy while inhaling air, and negative buoyancy while exhaling air.

There are some factors affecting your buoyancy underwater while diving:

1. How many weights you are carrying?
2. How much air you vent to your buoyancy compensation device?
3. How is the posture of your body underwater?
4. Are you kicking underwater correctly?
5. How do you breath while diving?

Let’s have a look at the following video:

When factors 1-4 are taken care of, the way we breath will be the most important criteria for neutral buoyancy.

Sometimes we are just not breathing normally while staying underwater. We tend to save some air in the lungs, exhaling lesser air to compensate by controlled breathing to remain at the level we want to stay.

It is very interesting that breath by different way between in the water and on the land.

Now give yourself a chance to try new thing. Up and down controlled by your breathing.

New Diver is Born – Chris Pass the exam of Open Water course

Chris is from Austria. He came to Taiwan for visiting his friend.
He never think about he is gonna dive in Taiwan.
But he did it due to his Taiwanese friend is a diver and pushed him to try scuba diving in Kenting where is the best dive spot in Taiwan.

He just wanted to do 1 dive only at beginning, but after that first try, the amazing world shocked him.

a schooling of fish is waiting for us

Chris said “it was really cool and strange when he was so closed to fishes and stared on each other, the feeling was quiet interesting.”

Eyes to Eyes with fishes.

We all love freedom, you will not like to be controlled of your action even under the see.
Therefore Chris decided to become a diver, a certified diver!!!!!!

To become a diver there are 3 portion should be finished.

1. Theory
2. pratical
3. exam

But it will not be stressful during the course.
In fact it has a lot of fun while we are doing skills and there are so many fished surrounding us.


A good environment with good condition for beginner to enter the sea is very important.
In Kenting we have several shore diving spots in different side of Taiwan can be choosed depends on the weather. Except Thundering or storm, you can dive here for whole year with nice water temperature.

With Chris we were very lucky, after heavy rain the sun was coming out and smiling, the visibility was also amazing didn’t get any affect by the rain.

YA! Go Diving
Can you image that who following you are fishes!!!

In the end, Chris finished all the practical portion completely, also he passed exam with flying colors.

Congraturations , Chris, You did a great job. I’m happy to have this amazing experience dove with you and be your Open Water instructor.

Don’t forget to come back again, there are still many diving spots here we have to explore together. And hope you will have a wonderful journey under the sea.


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