Top 15 Things to Do in Kenting, Hengchun

What to Do in Kenting

Kenting is a Taiwanese seaside town at the southern tip of Taiwan peninsular island. The weather of Kenting is excellent all year round with tropical climate, occasional strong winds and unforgiving sunshine.

Since Taiwan is a big island surrounded by blue waters, the beaches along the coastline are simply amazing. Biodiversity under the sea is also extremely rich especially here at Kenting, being the southern part where the Straits of Taiwan meets the Pacific Ocean and Bashi Channel.

Other than beautiful dive sites and white sandy beaches, the natural wonders here include awe-inspiring peaks, waterfalls and hot spring. Moreover there’s a vast range of activities and tours, temples to visit and delicious street food that will compel you to visit Kenting.

Worrying about what to do, what to see, where to eat in Kenting, fret not. We have discovered Kenting thoroughly and we recommend planning a few activities in advance. Then enjoy the rest of your vacation depending on your mood (and the weather). Here are the best things you can do when in Kenting!

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Top 15 Things You Can Do When in Kenting!

Underwater Dive with Certified Female Instructor

What’s a trip to Kenting without diving into the sea? Kenting is an all year destination for divers with beautiful corals and a spectacular selection of marine life. Diving at Kenting is easily accessible as coral reefs dive sites can be reached directly from the beach. With temperate water temperature (25 to 30 degrees Celsius) any time of the year, you can see a kaleidoscope of fish, manta rays and sea turtles swimming close by.

For first time divers and families, you can Try Scuba DivingTry Scuba Diving to experience the stunning underwater world of vibrantly colored coral reef haven. If you already possess an Open Water Diving License, feel free to enjoy Fun Diving where our instructors will bring you on a search for the big and little sea creatures skimming on the ocean floor.

If you have the time and would wish to take on the PADI/ SSI Open Water Diving Course with our professional English speaking instructors, feel free to reach out to us.

Drifters’ Diving Club
We are passionate in the water and we always believe that the underwater scene is best seen through a scuba mask.
Address: No. 28-1, Daguang Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946

Successfully completed the Open Water Diving Course!

Snorkelling at Houbihu

Snorkelling is another popular and safe activity in Kenting for visitors to enjoy the mesmerizing tropical marine scene. The best places to snorkel in Kenting are easily accessible as they are just right by the seaside in calm shallow waters.

You may bring your own snorkelling mask and fins or rent one from the vendors at Chushui Kou (出水口後壁湖潮間帶). In order to view more variety of marine life, we recommend joining the guided snorkelling small group tours where qualified guides will bring you to new and exciting locations for an unforgettable experience on the reef.

There are fun tours for beginners and families or more adventurous ones for advanced guests. Approach us to find out more.

drifters diving club diving scuba diving in kenting Taiwan snorkeling houbihu harbor dive site

Just Chill and Sunbathe at Kenting Baishawan

Kenting is next to the water. So there are long strips of white sandy beaches – which are free to visit – to relax and spend the day roasting under the sun. If you are escaping to Kenting for a short vacation from a bustling city life, Baishawan Beach (墾丁白沙灣) with aqua blue waters and sands full of shells and corals is the best beach for you. The popular movie Life of Pi was filmed here.

White Sand Bay (墾丁白沙灣)

Address: 946, Taiwan, Pingtung County, Hengchun Township, Baisha Road

One of our favourite beaches that is more peaceful and quiet is the Little Bay Beach (小灣海灘). A smaller beach with white sandy beaches, crystal clear and calm water where we can wander and swim along the swirling azure shoreline. It is also within walking distance from Kenting Main Street.

Little Bay Beach (小灣海灘)

Address: No. 6, Kending Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946

drifters diving club diving scuba diving in kenting Taiwan sea side panoramic beach water activities

Water Sports at the Nanwan Beach in Kenting

While enjoying the sunny day, what else to do at Nanwan Beach (南灣遊憩區) in Kenting? There are several inshore frolicking activities such as parasailing, windsurfing, SUP, banana-boating and jetskiing available.

Those who love to make their own waves can enjoy jetskiing where machines can be hired at most beaches. Do engage only the operators who provide life jackets and also proper insurance coverage.

South Bay Recreation Area (南灣遊憩區)

Address: No. 223, Nanwan Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946

Canoe/ Kayak/ SUP at the Gangkou River

If you love the water but want to do something not beneath the surface of the water, kayaking or canoeing will be the best water activity for you in Kenting. This non-motorised water sports is one of the most awesome way to preserve the pristine marine ecosystem in Kenting.

We love paddling leisurely to our hearts’ content here in the waters of Gangkou River (港口) that is near Jia Le Shui (佳樂水). As the river flows out towards the ocean, we can occasionally drift along the bank, slide with the small current and take a break.

Feel free to reach out to us for kayaking or canoeing in Kenting waters.

drifters diving club diving scuba diving in kenting Taiwan female dive instructor SUP paddle board

Hire an electric bike/ Scooter to zip through the park

Kenting National Park is a vast area of 466.8 hectares (according to Wikipedia). So getting around Kenting may pose an issue without your own transport.

Fortunately petrol fuelled 100cc/ 125cc bikes are available for hire if you have an international license. Electric bikes are also available for rent if you do not possess an international license. These are just like bicycles without a need to paddle.

Riding on the smooth paved roads of Kenting is a safe and relaxed affair. Taiwanese are known for their politeness and warmth and they treat foreigners with respect even if there is a language barrier. You can enjoy the sights at the luxury of your own time and get to otherwise unreachable areas (which are always worthwhile and breathtaking).

Feel free to reach out to us for reliable vehicle renters.

Watch the Sunset at Guanshan, Kenting (CNN Top 12 Sunsets)

Having been listed as the number 8 vantage point for sunset in the world, this 152 metres high mountain inside Kenting National Park is really popular for viewing daily sunsets. There are a few brilliant spots to capture the magical moment in all its splendour on the way up the mountain. The Guanshan Lookout is a fantastic place but unfortunately we find the 60TWD entrance fee unjustified.

So let’s head to another awesome spot! We love this particular spot close to the Fried Salted Carrot Cake (小觀山鹹粿) Food Shop where you can enjoy a breathtaking view watching the orange hues of sunset swallowed by the water. Order the carrot cake with other local delights, sit down, and chat with the locals while taking in the spectacular vista.

Fried Salted Carrot Cake (小觀山鹹粿)

Address: 946, Taiwan, Pingtung County, Hengchun Township, No. 40 Shui Quan Li Shulin Road

drifters diving club diving scuba diving in kenting Taiwan best sunset view in Guanshan love carrot cake snacks

Visit the Oldest Chinese Earth Deity Temple in Kenting

The Temple of Earth Deity (高山巖福德宮) is definitely worth a visit. Here is a hundred years old place of worship with the title of the oldest God of Earth Temple in Taiwan built in honor of the deities venerated by the Chinese community in Taiwan. Located on the hill top, you can easily get a panoramic birdeye view of HengChun Township against the mountain ranges. Sunset here is gorgeous too.

One of the main attractions is the divinity of the Earthy God. It is rumoured that any sincere wish made in the temple always come true. You can pray and ask for good health and fortune.  But remember that believers are expected to return to the temple to offer flowers or fruits when their wishes do come true.

Just like in any temple in Taiwan, remember to be dressed appropriately: no shorts or skirts above the knee, no sleeveless shirts and to remove caps before entering the temple hall.

Hill Top Yan Fu Temple (高山巖福德宮)

Address: No. 9-11, Binlang Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946

drifters diving club diving scuba diving in kenting Taiwan best sunset view in Guanshan love Chinese temple oldest ancient

Camping at Kenting

Calling all campers! If you are looking at scenic campsites where you can rough it out in your own tent, instead of splurging on hotels and hostels, the Bonbolo Campground (蒙馬羅快樂農莊) will be perfect.

This campsite is decent size and well maintained, perfect for lone travellers, couples, families or student groups. Facilities are basic but adequate with communal areas, hot drinking water, hot shower facilities and electricity. As the friendly owners are nature lovers, you can get really close to outdoor lifestyle and soak in the warm, relaxing atmosphere.

We especially adore the open field where you can fly kites in the day and lie down on at night to admire the romantic starry nights of Kenting.

Camping Taiwan-style offers you an alternative experience around Kenting.

Bonbolo Campground (蒙馬羅快樂農莊)

Address: 947, Taiwan, Pingtung County, Manzhou Yong Jing Village,No. 20-7 Yong Nan Road

Feel free to reach out to us for enquiry.

Some Say the Best Waterfall in Kenting

We love chasing waterfalls and take a dip in the running water. We absolutely love the Qikong Waterfall (七孔瀑布) in Kenting where there are seven small lagoons of different depth and sizes at different levels of the mountain.

You will be greeted by crystal clear water at every tier, falling down into stunning emerald pools after some strenuous hike up the steep slopes. Hope the heat and mosquitos will not throw you off the path. Not many visitors climb to the top of this waterfall but this is good news since it means that you can enjoy the natural pools on your own!

Seven Pools Fall (七孔瀑布)

Address: Hidden Location

drifters diving club diving scuba diving in kenting Taiwan water fall panoramic hidden spot clear water fresh water seven pits

Trekking in Rocky Mountain

Kenting has a lot more to offer than just the famous places on the tourist radar. For the more adventurous, trekkers and explorers can experience mountain climbing at the Rocky Mountain (大尖石山).

Update as at August 2019: Unfortunately the Rocky Mountain is now labelled as a dangerous place and visitors are prohibited to enter.

Rocky Mountains (大尖石山)
Address: Pathway is 300m away from Kenting National Park Archway.

Enjoy the Nostalgia of Cape No. 7 and Heritage of Hengchun

Cape No. 7 – a well-known Taiwanese film that is also the current highest grossing Taiwanese domestic film since 10 years ago. There is a house dedicated to the movie where the filming took place, it has now been turned into a museum and fans all over Taiwan and overseas have been flocking over for photos.

Cape No. 7 Museum (阿嘉的家)

Address: No. 90, Guangming Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946

Another instagram-worthy place to visit will be the preserved remnants of the Heng Chun City Walls – at the South Gate, West Gate, East Gate and North Gate. Once surrounded by the city walls, only the gates are left at the ancient fortress of Hengchun.

Heng Chun South Gate (恆春縣城 南門)

Address: At Hengchun Centre Roundabout

drifters diving club diving scuba diving in kenting Taiwan southern gate instagram worthy for night photo heritage city hengchun

Have Dinner along Kenting Main Street Night Market after Dark

Kenting like the rest of Taiwan has a fabulous night scene where you can find both night market and street food. The moment dusk hits, the entire 2km long main street of Kenting is brightly lit and transformed into an incredible typical Taiwanese night market. The best thing for you to do in Kenting at night is to roam the streets for local food and souvenir bargains.

We enjoying eating our way through the night market and washing them all down with a cup of legendary Taiwanese Bubble Tea. Local scrumptious delicacies include Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet, Deep Fried Whole Squid, Small Sausage Wrapped in Big Sausage, Scallion Egg Pancake, Braised Pork, Stinky Tofu, Pig’s Blood Cake and many more.

Furthermore if you are in Kenting on a Sunday Night, hop to the Hengchun Night Market that happens only on SUNDAYs. Locals and foreigners will throng this night market and it is so popular, it gets really crowded.

drifters diving club diving scuba diving in kenting Taiwan kenting Main Street night market shopping tourist delicious local food snacks desserts bar drinking hole restaurant Taiwanese food milk tea bubble tea BBQ

Fresh Seafood Feast at Houbihu

Houbihu (後壁湖) is a harbour where many people take a ferry to Lanyu (Orchid Island). On the way to the harbour, you will drive pass the Daguang Village (大光) where you are greeted with rows of seafood restaurants. Being so close to the sea, sashimi and sea harvests here are fresh, bountiful and affordable. We highly recommend these restaurants for the best seafood experience. Nonetheless, we do not encourage consuming tropical fish species as their numbers are dwindling and under strain.

A Shin Sashimi (阿興生魚片)

Recommended dishes are steamed bamboo clams, boiled fresh prawn and Sashimi Platter.

Address: No. 8-6, Daguang Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946

Note: we are not affiliated to these restaurants. But they are our personal favourites.

drifters diving club diving scuba diving in kenting Taiwan seafood restaurant houbihu fresh prawns scallops fish sashimi

Have a Drink at the Button Bar

A unique drinking hole in Taiwan where one can hardly find a similar concept in Kenting. Pretty cool ideas from the co-founders which they combine creativity, innovation, and awesomeness in a historical industrial warehouse. Cocktail, beer and liquor are offered here. Get your desired drink at the correct area and choose your desired place to sit back and chill, enjoy the live band.

Button Bar (鈕扣倉庫)

Address: No. 12, Hengxi Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946

drifters diving club diving scuba diving in kenting Taiwan button bar drinking hole live band refurbished warehouse local find

Kenting: An Undiscovered Gem Awaits

There are plenty more activities we love in Kenting. If you thought that Kenting is just another boring town, we hope our activity guide has proven you wrong. Grab your friends and start making plans for a weekend getaway to Kenting today! Interested?

Find out how to get to Kenting here.

Prices of activities in Kenting are subjected to peak/ off peak seasons and some operators are known to inflate prices. At Drifters’ Diving Club, we believe in fair pricing and work directly with the operators.

We do charge a small fee to upkeep our website but all in all, we hope that all our visitors will enjoy their stay in Kenting and ultimately become our life-long friends. Get in touch with us here and let us slowly answer all your doubts ☺


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